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Which Type of Gas Boiler Is Best Given The Amount of Space Available?

High efficiency gas boilers are a smart choice if you are looking for a new boiler solution, because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, easy to service and highly reliable. Thousands of people per year choose to have gas boilers installed in their home to help out with their hot water and central heating needs, so they still remain a very popular choice in the United Kingdom. However, one size does not fit all in British homes, and different households will have very different needs when it comes to their boiler usage. Luckily, there are a few different types of gas boiler available to choose from, which I will describe below, in order to try to help you make a more informed decision about what type to choose, with the amount of space you have available. cho thue kho lanh ha noi

Combination gas boilers
Combination boilers (also known as combi boilers) are the best options for small households where space is at a premium. They do not require the use of a hot water storage tank, because they are able to heat up water on demand. The lack of a hot water cylinder helps to free up valuable space in small properties, which means there is much more space for other things. Although they are able to supply hot water to taps, the shower and the central heating system, they have a limited capacity, and if they are overused (more than radiators and one shower) the heat of the water may be affected. Therefore they are not the most suitable choice for much larger properties or bigger households.

Open Vent Boiler Systems
This type of boiler system relies on two different water tanks: a hot water storage tank and a cold water storage tank. There may be separate tanks for the hot water and the radiators, which means that there should be enough warm water to heat a large building and provide warm water to multiple bathrooms at once. This type of boiler system requires a lot of space, because of the number of water storage tanks required, but it is ideal for a large property where hot water is required by several users or outlets at the same time. It is also suitable for commercial properties such as hostels or hotels.

System Gas Boilers
System gas boilers are sometimes referred to as sealed systems. They do not require an additional cold water storage tank, so they require slightly less space than an open vent system, but they do make use of a hot water storage tank, so they are not as space saving as combination boilers. However, this type of boiler system is much better than a combination boiler if there are multiple bathrooms in the property, or lots of users require hot water at the same time.

All of the above mentioned types of gas boiler are also condensing boilers, which utilise condensing technology to ensure that they are as energy efficient as possible, whilst also adhering to UK regulations on boiler technology.

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