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Top Selling Toys to Boost Your Vending Machine Sales!

Looking for a sure fire way to BOOST your vending machine sales? Then, you’ve come to the right place! This article contains the catalyst to your MONEY MAKING success! You DO NOT want to miss the HOTTEST trend hitting neighborhoods everywhere so keep reading to discover what kids are into in 2010!

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Remember: Kids are often your BIG TICKET when it comes to a target audience for your vending business.

Keeping up on what’s HOT among kids is a MUST if you want to BOOST your sales. Let’s face it, vending machines are designed to catch kids attention, and once they know your spot has what they want, they’ll look for YOUR machine every time! Plus, kids are an excellent source of FREE ADVERTISING.

Kids everywhere are turning up the heat on mom and dad to roll out the dough for these TOP TOY items. But, you have the seller’s advantage and the buyer’s motivation that parents need in order to purchase these toys from your vending machines and BOOST your vending machine sales!

What makes your machines more attractive to parents? PRICE. A parent is a lot more likely to shell out $0.25, $0.50, or even $1 over the $5 dollar department store packs of these TOP TOYS.

So, are YOU ready for the SECRET to turning up the heat on YOUR vending machine dials?

Collect them; trade them. Hey, do whatever you want with them! Just buy them here! From your vending machines, that is.

What are they? Traders.

Trading items are the HOT TICKET to BOOSTING your sales and bringing back repeat customers, hoping to collect them all. And, unlike baseball cards, these tiny traders can fit in even the smallest vending machine capsules, which means MORE bang for your buck! So what are kids trading these days?

2010’s TOP 3 Trading Items to BOOST your vending machine sales are:

1. Squishies

Yep – squishies. They are just what their name says – little squishable silicon toys that kids are going bonkers over. Squishies, also referred to as pencil toppers, are popping up ALL OVER the internet. These Japanese inspired toys come in a WIDE variety of characters and colors, as well as ones that glow-in-the-dark. Squishies are SELLING like popcorn in a movie theater so be sure to ADD them to YOUR vending machine toy supply today!

Also, check out Squinkies, a variant of the Squishy.

2. Silly Bands

Another silicon invention, silly bands are trading bracelets that come in a various shapes and colors resembling almost anything you can think of from animals to toys to people. Both girls and boys are trading these bracelets, as they even come in army camouflage.

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