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Powdered GLM Joint Health Products: How to Separate the Best From the Rest

Joint health products made from powdered green lipped mussels (GLM) are said to be better than other forms of joint supplements, such as oil extracts, capsules and gels. However, even among the handful of powder GLM brands, there are those that are far less potent than others.

Processes that erode mussel nutritional value

The factor that can set one powdered supplement apart from the rest is the method by which it was extracted. Most of us who are familiar with the health benefits of green lipped mussels know that eating them raw will provide us with the greatest nutritional benefits. However, we also know that not many of us can actually ingest raw GLM.

Some manufacturers of powder GLM supplements freeze or cook the mussels to produce the fine powder that will serve as the final product. The problem with these processes is that both can easily erode the nutritional value that can be derived from the raw product. In addition, cooking or freezing the mussels to produce the final powder takes days, which means that the mussel is exposed to an  https://sotaykhoedep.vn/first-up-1h/  nvironment outside its natural habitat for a longer period of time.

How processing time affects the potency of GLM joint health products

Being highly sensitive to high levels of heat and freeze-drying, green lipped mussels that did not undergo these procedures are the best options for any consumer. Those that have been manufactured in, say, 30 minutes (yes, there is a brand that takes just half an hour to produce the final product), also hold a huge advantage over other GLM supplement brands.

Such mussel supplements not only retain most of the nutritional content of the raw shellfish, they are also the purest since the ingredients of the raw mussel are not destroyed in the process of coming up with the final product. Moreover, the short time required to produce the powder means that exposure to outside environment or to industrial processes is less compared with those that were prepared for several days.

Health benefits of properly prepared powdered GLM

The best thing about powdered green lipped mussel supplements prepared within 30 minutes and manufactured without deep-freezing or cooking is that you are getting the same level of health benefits that raw mussels can provide. Not only do you have one of the best joint health products in your hands, you also have a supplement that can help keep your skin, nervous system, circulatory system, immune system and bones healthy.

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